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Kamis, 14 September 2023

Fashion Forward: Trending Sweater Outfit Trends for Fall 2023

Forward: Trending Sweater Outfit Trends for Fall 2023

As temperatures are dropping, Fall fashion is heating up! It's no secret that Fall is the most popular season for fashionistas to strut their favorite pieces. With cooler temperatures comes options for layering, incorporating chic heavier fabrics, and cozying up with some knitwear. 

Sweaters are one of the most important staples for Fall fashion, so below are 8 sweater outfits incorporating this year's hottest trends to get your wardrobe inspired for the coming months.

1) Red Hot Knitwear

Red Hot Knitwear

The "it" color this Fall is red. Whether you love fire engine red or a darker cherry red, both will look chic and trendy for the upcoming season. An easy way to wear this color is to find a red sweater to pair with a classic pair of denim jeans in black or blue. The main trick to rocking red is to let it be the center of the show. Keep other elements of the outfit basic and don't forget to add a matching red lip!

  1. Chic Meets Cozy

Chic Meets Cozy

Even though cozy knitwear has a reputation of being casual and cozy, there are plenty of ways to dress your sweaters up! Start off with a preppy quarter zip sweater and pair it with a smart blazer and mini skirt combo to pull off a stunning fashion-forward Fall weather look. Sticking to a neutral color palette will also bump up the formality and fit perfectly into the still going strong "quiet luxury" trend. 

3) Fall Weather Barbie

Fall Weather Barbie

The color pink was incredibly popular all summer long, and it shows no signs of slowing down for Fall. Bright pink is girly, fun, and always eye-catching. Opting for this playful hue in knit fabrics is a great way to incorporate it seasonably with the cooler temperatures. Combining pink sweaters with something funky like a wide leg jean and boots is the perfect outfit for your next Pumpkin Spice Latte coffee date.

4) Summer-y Sweaters

Summer-y Sweaters

If the weather is still fairly warm where you live but you're eager to jump into Fall fashion, this next outfit trend is for you! Crochet knit sweaters in bright summery colors and patterns (think stripes, checkered and florals) are the perfect season transition piece. Pair this breezy knit with some casual denim shorts and a baseball cap and you'll be set for adventures in the sunshine all day. 

5) Coastal Prep 

Coastal Prep

There's nothing more fitting for the "back-to-school" season than preppy fashion. Whether you're a student or not, Fall is an ideal time to tap into this always classic style and a striped polo neck sweater is one versatile staple well-worth investing in. Sticking to a black and white or cream and navy color palette is the best way to channel your inner prep. Pair your sweater with white trousers, shorts or even a mini skirt and sunglasses to conquer all your errands in style.

6) Off the Shoulder Sweaters

Off the Shoulder Sweaters

Off the shoulder tops are back in a big way, and sweaters are one of the best ways to wear this trend. Off the shoulder sweaters are cozy yet flirty since they subtly show off the collar bones and decolletage area. Luckily, they're also incredibly simple to style. Pair your favorite off the shoulder top with a cute pair of comfy jeans and some slip-on shoes for a laid back look.

7) Checks and Stripes

Checks and Stripes

Fall fashion has a reputation of having a more serious undertone than its playful summer fashion counterpart. However, there are still plenty of ways to keep Fall fashion fresh and exciting! One of the best ways to add a playful element to your wardrobe is to wear a patterned sweater. Checkered sweaters and striped sweaters (or perhaps a mashup of both!) are excellent options for this. Simply dress them with your favorite denim shorts and sunglasses and your outfit is ready to go!

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